Restoration Trenton NJ

To promote historic properties in Trenton, the Trenton Historical Society has set up the Restore the City! Historic Property Rehabilitation Grant Program. This program is made possible through proceeds from the Stop the Wrecking Ball fundraiser, as well as a New Jersey Historical Commission grant. Every summer, homeowners can apply for a Restore the City! grant to help finance exterior repairs and facade renovations. The grants are awarded to help homeowners repair the appearance of historic properties.

If a disaster has left your home or business in need of damage restoration, it is time to call a Restoration Trenton NJ. Water damage and fire damage can damage your property and pose a health risk. A skilled restoration company will have the proper equipment and expertise to remove water and fire damage quickly and safely. Rooter-Man’s fire damage restoration service responds quickly to prevent further damage. They will also work to prevent the growth of mold, which can pose a health risk.

The campaign is facilitated by Restoration Trenton NJ a nonprofit organization that supports the city’s efforts. It is a collaboration of individuals and organizations working to revitalize the city. In August, Isles surveyed every block in Trenton and entered observations regarding the condition of each tax lot. The results can be downloaded in the Survey Data and Downloads Section. This information is useful for the City’s revitalization efforts. But it is not only vital for residents, but for the local economy.

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