Pest Control in Buffalo NY

In order to get rid of a variety of insects, you may need to hire an Exterminator. These professionals can handle a variety of pests such as bed bugs, mice and rats, as well as carpenter ants. There are certain licensing requirements for such companies as well, so make sure to do some research before choosing one.

Bed bugs

If you are facing bed bugs in your home, you will need to hire the services of a pest control company in Buffalo NY. A professional will provide fast and efficient treatment to eliminate the problem.

You can prevent an infestation by removing clutter from your home. Keep suitcases off the floor, use an encasement on your mattress, and avoid bringing in furniture from outside.

The best way to get rid of bedbugs is through heat treatment. Heat treatments kill the eggs and nymphs, which are the babies of the bed bug.

Alternatively, you can use pesticides. These chemicals take longer to work and only kill the live bugs. They also do not destroy all the eggs.

Mice and rats

Mice and rats are pests that can cause serious damage to your home. They are also vectors of diseases and can carry fleas and plague to pets and humans. In addition, they breed rapidly and produce up to 35 offspring each year. If you’re worried about a rat or mouse infestation, consider calling in a Buffalo NY pest control service.

The best way to get rid of a rodent infestation is to seal up any holes and gaps. If you do, you can prevent the animals from coming back. You’ll be able to find mice and rats that have gotten into your home by looking for chew marks on baseboards or other areas.

Carpenter ants

The largest species of ants in the United States are carpenter ants. These insects are known to destroy wood and infest homes. Carpenter ants may enter your home through a clogged gutter, or through plumbing and firewood.

If you see a nest inside your home, or if you notice a flying black ant, you may have a carpenter ant infestation. These ants are often mistaken for termites. They are a nuisance, but rarely eat humans, or spread disease.

In order to eliminate carpenter ants, you’ll need to locate their nest. Most likely, the ants entered your home while they were foraging for food. You can follow their trail to the nest.


Pests like rodents, ants and mosquitoes are found everywhere in Buffalo. These pests are not only a nuisance but can also carry diseases. The best way to control them is to hire a professional pest control company.

Many companies will provide you with a free estimate. This allows you to decide if you need to hire a company and if so, which one to go with.

Pest control service prices vary based on the type of pest you have and the size of your home. For example, a single treatment for rats or flies can cost up to $200, while a skunk removal job will run you $300 to $650.

License requirements for pest control companies

Pest Control in Buffalo NY must be licensed with the Department of Environmental Conservation. The license allows the company to protect health and the general welfare of citizens. There are several types of pest control licenses.

The type of pesticide license you need depends on the type of pest control you do. If you do not sell restricted use products, then you may not need a pesticide license. However, if you do, you will need to be under the supervision of a certified commercial applicator.

Before obtaining a pesticide license, you must take an examination. You will need a valid picture ID.

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